Ayushman Bharat Himachal Pradesh

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On 14th May 2018 Himachal Pradesh Government launch Ayushman Bharat Yojana in state. This Scheme is launched by central Health Minister Mr. Jagat Prakash nadda and CM of Himachal Pradesh Jairam Thakur. The main motive of this scheme is to provide Health Insurance to poor and helpless peoples, those are not food there health related expenses. Central minister J.P Nadda and CM of Himachal Pradesh sigh MOU today on Ayushman Bharat.

Ayushman Bharat Himachal Pradesh

Today Central Health Minister do the inauguration in Twitter half at 9:30 am at peterhalf Shimla. This scheme is under the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Swasthya Suraksha mission. The main framework of the scheme is to provide upto 5 lakh help insurance for family. It Will cover 10 crore people all over India. After signing MOU Mr. Nanda do a Press Conference at evening 4:30 in Shimla.

आयुष्मान भारत योजना आज हिमाचल प्रदेश में शुरू हो गई है. केंद्रीय स्वास्थ्य मंत्री श्री जगत प्रकाश नड्डा ने 14 मई 2018 को इस योजना को शिमला के पीटरहॉफ में सुबह 9:30 बजे kiya. यह योजना मुख्यता गरीब परिवारों को मुफ्त स्वास्थ्य सुविधा देने के लिए बनाई गई है. इस योजना के लिए केंद्र सरकार और राज्य सरकार में एक एमओयू आज साइन हुआ है. इस योजना को आज 9:30 बजे शुरू किया जाएगा, शाम को 4:30 बजे मुख्यमंत्री और केंद्रीय स्वास्थ्य मंत्री प्रेस कॉन्फ्रेंस करके जनता को इसके बारे में अवगत कराएंगे. आयुष्मान भारत योजना हिमाचल प्रदेश से हिमाचल के BPL एवं गरीब परिवारों को लाभ मिलेगा. इस योजना के लिए सूची भी जल्द ही सरकार द्वारा लाई जाएगी. इस आयुष्मान भारत लाभार्थी सूची हिमाचल प्रदेश में उन लोगों के नाम होंगे, जिनको इस सुविधा का लाभ मिलेगा.

Ayushman Bharat Himachal Pradesh

In Himachal Pradesh families those are come under BPL, get benefit from the scheme. In Himachal till now many families those take benefit in Future. Government make list of beneficiaries of Ayushman Bharat Himachal Pradesh. Right now in Himachal 15 lakh 51 Thousand families come under BPL. So these families will take benefit of Ayushman Bharat Health Insurance Scheme. Under this game there are two branches of Ayushman Bharat. One in which the poor will get upto 5 lakh Health Insurance/ for health treatment free. Other is the Rashtriya Swasthya Suraksha Bima Yojana will get various benefits to families those come under. Over 10 crore poor and homeless people will directly benefit from this scheme.

Ayushman Bharat Himachal Beneficiary List

This is the second state in which Ayushman Bharat Scheme is launched. Before this Pradhan Mantri Shri Narendra Modi launched a scheme in Chhattisgarh Bijapur. In this post we will tell you how you will take benefit and do registration for Ayushman Bharat. Also we will give you a smart Bharat center list in Himachal Pradesh present right now.

Ayushman Bharat Himachal Pradesh – Apply Online

If you are come under SECC-2011 List then you will get a Benefit of this scheme.

Under this You need to check the Ayushman Bharat List here.

After checking you you get your name, then this is sure, that you will get 5 lakh health insurance free.

If you didnt find you name yhen you need to apply.

Application do Ayushman Bharat Registration online state wise.

Ayushman Bharat health Centre for Wellness Centre are the centres which will give you benefit of the scheme. In every state village wise, 4 to 7 villages one Ayushman Bharat Wellness Centre. This Wellness Centre having all the modern facilities like a mini Hospital. So we will provide you the Ayushman Bharat Wellness Centre list of Himachal Pradesh, track your nearby Ayushman Bharat Centre easily. This post will be updated time to time when there is new update released by the state government or Central government Himachal. Get Personal Assistance then get a call on Ayushman Bharat Helpline. The officials will give you best advice.

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